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Smartwool Kid's Hike Medium Crew Sock Brown   Featuring Products      

Brand: Smartwool Kid's Hike Medium Crew Sock Brown
Categories: Sports Apparels

Taking two steps for every grown up`s one step kids try hard enough when it comes to exploring the great outdoors. A smaller version of Smartwool`s timeless classic the Hiking Medium Crew the Kid`s Hike does not fall short on the big-time comfort of our adult version. With soft luxurious SmartWool next to their skin and four color choices your kids` feet will be ready to go even if they`re not. Expertly curated outdoor gear and clothing for the adventurer in you, Bikes frames, Jerseys and apparel, specialty road, mountain, cyclocross and triathlon complete bikes and frames, Sunglasses and eyewear, bringing leading vision innovations to sports and the everyday lifestyle, Toddler clothing including snowsuits, jackets, hats, bottoms, sandals. Reliable ropes bulletproof and easy to maintain, making them the preferred ropes for world traveling pros. Outdoor gear and clothing for Ski, Snowboard, camping from big brands, Everything you need for.

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