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Cashmere and Silk Pashmina Shawl   Suggested Products      

Brand: Cashmere and Silk Pashmina Shawl
Categories: Clothes & Accessories

We offer the finest quality pashminas that are Made in Nepal.These shawls measure 36 inches x 80 inches and are made with a blend of 70 cashmere and 30 silk. They come with 3 inch tassels at both ends. These pashminas are light yet incredibly warm. Their innate versatility and style allows the wearer to use them as a scarf with a winter coat an accessory over a sweater or suit a luxurious stole for formalwear or just as the classic pashmina wrap. Latest and fashionable apparel and clothing for you, corporate and business clothing to just casual branded apparel, Stay ahead with extravaganzas feature innovative materials, techniques, designs apparels athletic and sportswear, hats and beanies, jackets and outerwear, t-shirts and tanks, accessories, business wear, ladies and infants, pants and shorts, Discover the latest in womens fashion and new season trends, dresses, tops, jeans, coats and shirts. Hoodies, shorts, sneakers and pants. Best selection.

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   > Cashmere And Silk Pashmin    > Cashmere And Silk Pashmin  
   > Faux Pashmina Wrap In Fin    > Pure Cashmere Shawl  
   > Pure Cashmere Wrap    > Pure Cashmere Scarf With  
   > Summer Cashmere Shawl    > Cashmere And Silk Scarf  
   > Pure Cashmere Scarf    > Unisex Cashmere Knitted S  
   > Zebra Print Cashmere Shaw    > Tiger Print Cashmere Shaw  
   > Leopard Print Cashmere Sh    > Pashmina Shawl With Swaro  
   > Pashmina Shawl With Beade    > Pashmina Shawl With Beade  
   > Pashmina Shawl With Beade    > Pashmina Shawl With Beade  
   > Pure Cashmere Twin Size B    > Pure Cashmere Baby Blanke  
   > Pure Cashmere Baby Blanke    > Pure Cashmere Baby Blanke  
   > Pure Cashmere Queen Size    > Pure Cashmere King Size B  
   > Pure Cashmere Throw 60 X    > Pure Cashmere Throw 52 X  
   > Zebra Print Cashmere Wrap    > Tiger Print Cashmere Wrap  
   > Leopard Print Cashmere Wr    > Pashmina Wrap With Swarov  
   > Pashmina Wrap With Swarov    > Zebra Print Cashmere Scar  
   > Tiger Print Cashmere Scar    > Leopard Print Cashmere Sc  
   > Cashmere Wrap With Fur Po    > Cashmere Cape With Fox Fu  
   > Pure Cashmere Printed Sha    > Pure Cashmere Full Length  
   > Pure Cashmere Knee Length    > Pure Cashmere Unisex Neck  
   > Pure Cashmere Unisex Sock    > Pure Cashmere Unisex Snoo  
   > Cashmere Unisex Scarf Hat    > Pure Cashmere Crew Neck S  
   > Pure Cashmere Vest    > Pure Cashmere Cable Sweat  
   > Pure Cashmere Cardigan    > Pure Cashmere V-neck Swea  
   > Pure Cashmere Sleeveless    > Pure Cashmere Zip Cardiga  
   > Pure Cashmere Polo Sweate    > Half Zip Pure Cashmere Sw  
   > Pure Cashmere Unisex Hood    > Spring Sweater Pure Cashm  
   > Spring Sweater Pure Cashm    > Pure Cashmere Ribbed V-ne  
   > Pure Cashmere Cardigan Tw    > Pure Cashmere Turtle Neck  
   > Pure Cashmere Falbala Swe    > Pure Cashmere V-neck Boyf  
   > Leopard Print Cashmere Th    > Pure Cashmere Dress  
   > Pure Cashmere Wristlets    > Pure Cashmere Leg Warmers  
   > Zip Cashmere Coat With St    > Cashmere Jacket  
   > Knee Length Cashmere Blen    > Cashmere Pea Coat  
   > Cashmere Sport Coat    > Pure Cashmere Knee Length  
   > Pure Cashmere Full Length    > Pure Cashmere Double Brea  
   > Cashmere Blend 4 Button F    > Pure Cashmere Full Length  
   > Pure Cashmere Full Length    > Pure Cashmere Shawl With  
   > Pure Cashmere Travel Thro    > Pure Cashmere Unisex Glov  
 > Pure Cashmere Unisex Toqu  > Pure Cashmere Shrug

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