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510 Atmos Wired USB Charger   Suggested Products      

Brand: 510 Atmos Wired USB Charger
Categories: Vapor Liquid

This Wired USB Charger charges 510 / AtmosRx Batteries in any USB port and has a built in PCB safety microchip when in use. Signature Vapor Liquid, There are essentials to every Mardi Gras party: beads, masks, perhaps the occasional jambalaya or fried oyster, but most importantly, the libations, Everything is Made by Hand and in Very Small Batches, As youll see on our bottle and packaging labels, Flavors are comprised of both artificial and often natural base ingredients and we offer each flavor in a variety of nicotine strength, Flavors are extracted from actual base ingredients. They are perfectionists and refuse to allow any liquid to leave their facility before its absolutely perfect. Only USP food grade ingredients and the best premium pharmaceutical grade nicotine. They disclose the obvious flavors for tasting note reasons but there are many other ingredients that help enhance what you taste.

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