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Portable 9" DVD Player and Simpsons Movie Bundle by IT Industries   Featuring Products      

Brand: Portable 9" DVD Player and Simpsons Movie Bundle by IT Industries
Categories: Babies Toys

This great bundle includes a 9 portable and in-car DVD player plus 4 Simpsons DVDs! Perfect for home or long car journeys this pack contains everything you need for hours of amusement!The Simpsons DVDs include Gone Wild, Around the World in 80 Dohs, Treehouse of Horror and Backstage Pass.9 DVD PlayerCarry caseCar mountIn-car adapterFull AV connection kitMicro remote controlHeadphones4 x DVDs Baby playards gear, Stationary baby swings, Baby and toddler toys, Activity play centers, Baby cereal, Formula milk, Food pouches and snacks, equipment for early childhood educators, caregivers and parents of young children. Paint with endless possibilities, Alphabet recognition and developing fine skills. Fun double sided, linking crabs have uppercase letters on one side and lowercase letters, Great way for children to learn addition, subtraction and fraction work. Baby bottle feeding supplies, Sterilizers and warmers, Nipples, Formula dispensers.

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