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25ft x 1.5in Standard Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose   Featuring Products      

Brand: 25ft x 1.5in Standard Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose
Categories: Sports Accessories

SWIVEL CUFF ROTATES IN ALL DIRECTIONS TO ELIMINATE AGGRAVATING KINKS! Specialty Pool Products carries a reliable standard pool vacuum hose that provides a number of features. Leak-proof swivel cuff with multi-directional rotation to prevent kinks, 1.5 inch diameter provides good suction and cleaning versatility. Smooth inside walls to improve flow. Pool equipment and accessories to make your pool enjoyable, Pool opening start up kits, chemicals, cleaners, maintenance, testing kits and supplies, filter replacement cartridges, coverps pumps and parts. In and above ground cleaners, pumps and filters. Robotic, suction and pressure cleaners. Natural gas, propane and solar heaters, Salt systems, automatic chemical feeders, chillers, replacement cells and accessories. High quality chlorine and bromine tabs, sticks, granules and liquid. Shocking treatments include liquid chlorine, Above ground liners high quality, attractive vinyl liners in every shape and.

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