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"Imitation Pearl Acrylic Beads Dyed Round Cyan 16x15.5mm Hole 2mm about 250pcs/pound   Suggested Products      

Brand: "Imitation Pearl Acrylic Beads Dyed Round Cyan 16x15.5mm Hole 2mm about 250pcs/pound
Categories: Jewelry & Watches

Imitation Pearl Acrylic Beads, Dyed, Round, Cyan

Size: about 16mm in diameter, 15.5mm thick, hole: 2mm; about 250pcs/pound.

Colorful Acrylic Beads with smooth and glamour appearance offer a lightweight and affordable price for designing jewelry that sells. Exquisite designs make the surface looks like the real pearls. Just string it together by elastic thread, you will get a elegant bracelet. Due to the beads are dyed, color may vary slightly. Delicately refined, custom initial and sterling silver bracelets. Beautiful and affordable, exquisitely colorful range, express your creativity necklaces and pendants. Lasting quality versatile material and gemstone, gold and silver, ranges from simple classic bands, titanium and more styles engagement and wedding rings. Fun fashion jewelry for womens every mood and occasion, includes diamond and pearl earrings, bridal jewelry, gemstone, chains, anklets, studs, hoops. Sparkle with these precious an.

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   > "imitation Pearl Acrylic    > "handmade Cotton Wax Cord  
   > "resin Beads Imitation Ca    > "brass Folding Crimp Ends  
   > "tiger Tail Black 0.8mm I    > "handmade Woven Beads Acr  
   > "handmade Woven Beads Acr    > "lampwork European Beads  
   > "iron Snap Hair Clip Find    > "flat Round Gemstone Stra  
   > "brass Jewelry Findings B    > "alloy Fold Over Magnetic  
   > "austrian Crystal Beads 5    > "brass Wine Glass Charm R  
   > "iron Eyepins Antique Bro    > "shell Beads Strands Oval  
   > "black Band 22cm Long 8mm    > "handmade Dichroic Glass  
   > "gemstone Beads Strands B    > "brass Ball Headpins Silv  
   > "austrian Crystal Beads 5    > "handmade Polymer Clay Be  
   > "satin Ribbon Off-white 2    > "iron Headpins Nickel Fre  
   > "iron Headpins Nickel Fre    > "golden Iron Eyepins Size  
   > "iron Headpins Black Size    > "nickel Free Red Copper C  
   > "nickel Free Antique Bron    > "iron Venetian Chains Box  
   > "gemstone Beads Strands G    > "plastic Bead Counter Boa  
   > "organza Ribbon Galloon C    > "greensand Stone Beads St  
   > "steel Wire Necklace Cord    > "handmade Silver Foil Gla  
   > "6/0 Glass Seed Beads Tra    > "8/0 Glass Seed Beads Tra  
   > "12/0 Glass Seed Beads Tr    > "czech Glass Beads Facete  
   > "czech Glass Beads Facete    > "iron Big Pendants Filigr  
   > "bead Caps Iron Black Flo    > "round Filigree Beads Iro  
   > "glass Beads Strands Imit    > "tube Beads Curved Brass  
   > "brass Ring Shanks Silver    > "glass Beads Strands Face  
   > "iron Headpins Nickel Fre    > "iron Eyepins Platinum Co  
   > "tiger Tail Wire Spool St    > "clear Plastic Container  
   > "iron Cord Ends Black 6x3    > "cord Tips Brass Unplated  
   > "bead Caps Iron Nickel Co    > "cat Eye Beads Round Mari  
   > "iron Earring Hooks Nicke    > "austrian Crystal Beads 5  
   > "handmade Polymer Clay Be    > "organza Bags Fuchsia 26  
   > "nickel Free Brass Eyepin    > "alloy Initial Silde Bead  
   > "a Set Of Alloy Alphabet    > "middle East Rhinestone 6  
   > "tibetan Silver Spacer Be    > "ccb Acrylic Beads Rondel  
   > "handmade Crystal Europea    > "handmade Lampwork Beads  
   > "synthetic Rubber Cord No    > "synthetic Rubber Cord No  
   > "tibetan Style Chandelier    > "brass Ball Headpins Anti  
   > "brass Ball Headpins Anti    > "organza Bags Mother's Da  
   > "handmade Lampwork Beads    > "velours Jewelry Set Boxe  
   > "handmade Woven Beads Bea    > "handmade Woven Beads Bea  
 > "alloy Linking Rings Lead  > "tibetan Silver Bead Spac

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